Q:  Can I tour the factory?

A:  Yes, but we will have to make an appo

Q:  Can I put my Manufactured Home on my own land, or do I have to place it in a Manufactured Home Community?

A: You have two options.  You can put your new manufactured home on your own land or you can place it in a Manufactured Home Community.

Q:  What does it take to finance a Manufactured/
Mobile Home?

A:  Loans are available for as low as 5% down.  The larger the down payment, the better the interest rate.  A Manufactured/Mobile Home loan is a Chattel Mortgage and therefore the interest rate is a little higher than a Conventional Loan.  Terms also vary according to your FICO score.

Q:  What amenities are available?

A:  There is almost no limit.  We customize according to what you want and need.  We would invite you to come into our office and go through the procedure of picking out the upgrades you want including, but not limited to, Decks, Patios, Air Conditioning, etc.

Q:  What are the yearly fees?

A:  All new Manufactured/Mobile Homes sold 7-1-80 are subject to Local Property Tax.  Those that were built and sold prior to that are on In-Lieu Tax, similar to vehicle license fees.

Q:  What are the building standards?

A:  A Manufactured/Mobile Home is designed to comply with the Federal Manufactured Home Construction & Safety Standards in force at the time the home is built.

Q:  How do I know the Manufactured/Mobile Home is built according to these standards?

A:  A Manufactured/Mobile Home cannot leave the Manufacturing Plant until a permanent Label is affixed to the rear of the home, by a third party, showing it is approved.

Q:  Is my investment protected by any warranty?

A.  The Manufacturer and Dealer are jointly and severally liable for substantial defects for one year from the date of delivery (Close of escrow), providing the buyer gives written notice within 1 year and 10 days of any defects.